Manganin 47

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Chemical Content, %

Ni Mn Fe Si Cu Other ROHS Directive Cd ROHS Directive Pb ROHS Directive Hg ROHS Directive Cr
2~3 11~13 <0.5 micro Bal - ND ND ND ND

Mechanical Properties

Property Name Value
Max Continuous Service Temp 5-45℃
Resisivity at 20℃ 0.47ohm mm2/m
Density 8.4 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 40 KJ/m·h·℃
TCR at 20 ºC -3~+20×10-6/ºC
Melting Point 1450℃
Elongation 6~15%
EMF vs Cu, μV/ºC (0~100ºC) 1(max)
Tensile Strength of soft condition 343-539 N/mm2
Tensile Strength of hard condition >637 N/mm2
Hardness of soft condition 100-172 Hv
Hardness of hard condition 140-300 Hv

Application of Manganin

Manganin foil and wire is used in the manufacture of resistor, Particularly ammeter shunt, because of its virtually zero temperature coefficient of resistance value and long term stability.